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For the past four decades, the community of KSI10X  has been contributing to, and in many instances, pioneering aspects of the digital technology revolution. It is clear that the introduction and adoption of technology in the latter half of the 20th century through present day has dramatically changed how we work and live, impacting on every aspect of society and the human condition. 

KSI10X  is a force for change. Our market is the Public Safety Technology Manufacturing and Distribution sector, some of the very companies responsible for ushering in the digital technology revolution. We help our clients identify and implement service delivery and support solutions that greatly enhance their ability to thrive in a volatile and rapidly evolving business environment. 

Through our proven process, we facilitate the development of actionable remediation strategies and tactics to address pain points and performance barriers found to exist in the modern technology services environment.

Our Value Pledge


  • Craft customized solutions to address our Client’s unique and most pressing sales & services challenges
  • Bring down obstacles to adoption and make it easy to pivot in response to the changing needs of your marketplace
  • Leverage real world, tried and proven methodologies to achieve success that is measured according to our client’s performance metrics